And you know what, i'm DAMN proud of it!

I love being able to stand out, you make even MORE of a statement that way.

It also shows that your personality is different. you act, think, and interpret things differently than most people. And that's almost always a good thing! It's better to think outside the box. ;)
ScarletDreams ScarletDreams
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hell yeah I'm always happy when I have a bunch of clones staring at me like WTF lol mind you I am normally dressed in big red and black boots with cats on them, a cat hat, an off tee shirt of some kind and black skinnys with skeliton hands on the *** and skip about the center of town all day :P

I've often thought if I would have been a better fit in another time.... but then, I wouldn't have really been very good being a non-assertive woman!!!!

Me neither, girl. I was raised by mostly elderly people and I got a lot of their values, like courtesy, personal responsibility and patience. The good news is that it makes you a hit with employers- it's apparently rare that some one who has messed up will say "I messed up - I'm sorry and now I know..." instead of shifting blame. What trends in particular do you stay away from?

what? hahah

16? Phaw!!