Standing Out

Instead of fitting in or doing what everyone is doing or hanging out with the "popular" kids or going on clubs/bars at night, I tend to do things my way. I may not be popular, I may not go to bars/clubs, I may not drink nor smoke, I may not always go out with friends, and I may not have a boyfriend now, but this things makes me happy and makes me ME. Way back then, I tried to fit in, to try what everyone is doing, but I thought if I do this or that, will I still be proud of who I am? Besides, I found out who I am, I'm the girl who just stays at home on a Friday night watching lames shows, I'm the girl who never tried smoking or taste a liquor. Would I ever want to lose the real ME to a trying hard wannabe?

I stand out, cos I do things my way, I try my hardest (my sweat and hard work) on doing something that would make me stand out, I don't care if I get alone in public places cos I know I have better things to do, people may laugh at my back because I'm so different and so distant. Hey, what do you like more? Being different from everyone else or being all the same? I don't care what people think of me, I may feel insecure at first but at the end, I'll end up making them feel ashamed.

Fitting won't make you know yourself, in my opinion fitting in is like covering up your face with someone's face. SO I prefer standing out than just going with the flow.

sunsetglow sunsetglow
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 14, 2010

Congratulations on having the courage to be your own person and the willpower to ignore what empty people say behind your back.