I shop from thrift stores exclusively. Not because I'm into the thrift or vintage-chic movements, but simply because for a very long time I was very close to broke, so clothes became a secondary need...but at the same time, I needed to do a lot of walking in the cold Indiana winters, so I picked up a few greatcoats, and now I walk warmly wherever I go, even if I might not be in the hippest clothing.

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2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

I have been thrifting for years and I make 3 figures so it is not about the money. I understand that fashion is just a means for merchants to make money off of the desire for the latest that they try to em<x>bed in me. I prefer clothes, not fashion, and Goodwill serves me well.

Yes! Finally shopping at goodwill and out of the closet because you're frugal or poor, not because you want to look hip.