Who Me?

I used to be much more fashion foreward. I have reached an age that comfortable and functional have won out over fashionable and fun. Dont get me wrong, I am only 39 and not ready for the houserobe and curlers just yet but I get closer every day. Makeup is optional now, it used to be a must at all times. Everything comes past the knee, even shorts. I am not a big girl, only around 110 pounds, so it's not a matter of hiding anything. I don't ever want to be THAT old lady who shops in the same stores as her teenaged daughter. I don't really have a teenaged daughter but if I did I would pass on this advice to her...After 20 no funny colored hair or piercings, after 30 no miniskirts or halter tops or bikinis, after fourty no bare legs, tight jeans spike heels or plunging necklines. Simple, A line, nuetral colored, that is what my closet has become.
bcuzisaidso bcuzisaidso
36-40, F
Jan 27, 2011