What? You Want To Speak To Mrs. Fashion? You Must Be Mistaken.

I don't appreciate fashion. I don't like people who pay too much attention to it. Following fashion trends is just a way to impress others and it means that the one who goes crazy about it cares too much about others' people opinion which just exposes their weakness..
I don't care. I like people who know what they want no matter what others are thinking.
I hate to think that some people spend thousands of dollars on certain things just because they have a "Prada" word ebroidered on it while there are millions of ways of spending it in a better way. That's disgusting.
In addition following fashion trends takes a lot of time (a WHOLE LOT OF TIME). So there's no surprise that many girls that always have a new DandG collection in their closets are extremely dumb and "empty" since they have no time to improve their inner qualities.
Just my two cents. I'm sorry if I offended someone.
Afris Afris
18-21, M
Jul 14, 2011