I Honestly Don't Care

I have a best friend who is always getting on my case about fashion. Everything in my drawers, she takes out and decides whether or not it's fashionable. But in my opinion, I couldn't care less. Why is fashion important? I think everyone should wear clothing they feel comfortable with. And that's the type of clothing I wear. If it so happens that it's not the trend, oh well. I think trends are for followers. We should wear whatever we like. But for the people who absolutely ADORE fashion, I think they should just express themselves through "fashionable" clothing; not by following stupid trends!
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you're so correct, i dont want to be a clone, and eventhough clothes are not cheap from where i am from and BAM they cant fit me at all coz i am a shapely person.....i see most women looks like muffins just to look good lol...... sigh i need new clothes coz the ones i have is getting worn out

@shenightowl Thank you! Women talking about fashion bores the hell out of me! =]<br />
@underconstruction Thanks so much. <3<br />
@dangerouslysane Wow; I just noticed! Every 1-2 weeks is a new fashion trend for women, but every 2 months is a new fashion trend for men! & I couldn't agree more! People have to stop thinking about appearances and just think about what makes them happy!

yes! isn't it sooo boring when all women talk about is clothes..how dull. I wear what i feel good in, and sometimes it is not fashionable, but don't care

LOL ikr(:

And the world would be a much comfier place if everyone thought this way! :)