Trends? Please. Gimme A Break!

First things are to me, I dress casually and I like to at least try to look nice. I put on jeans, normal jeans. Slip on Nike's, and normally a T-shirt, maybe a cross on there, maybe Christian text or plain. But then one day while shopping around at the mall, looking at MY kinds of clothes.
I hear some nincompoop behind me, trying to keep silent, but whispering to his friend, "Look at that. That ain't cool. I mean he's not a dork, but he just doesn't look cool." On the side, wanting to turn around and whack his head several times. LOL. I was thinking to myself, "Okay, how is cool to have your pants hanging down to your feet, longer hair and piercings. I don't understand that if I'm myself, then why can't people accept that? I'm normal!
So in my mind I told him, "Well, Mrs. Bieber, it's not nice to show your face and you need to quit playing in your momma's jewerly box!"
Just kidding. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with how I dress. I don't have my pants pulled to my eyes, I dress casually, not sloppily.
Me personally, if a boy dresses like that for his own pleasure, fine for him. If a girl like tank tops and short shorts that's her business. But if someone decides to wear jeans or if she wears jeans, skirt whatever, let them be thereselves. And really I'm saying, clothes is not the things that make you cool.
I'm not gonna spend so much money on something that is out of style by next month.
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

Haha It's no problem! You are right and I guess sometimes you can judge people by what they wear but really it's just the person inside that matters!

Well I don't judge nobody. Only the ones who judge me. Really on the inside, I'm just a big, fuzzy kid.

I don't judge them unless I know them! Loloe I'm afraid I'm a rather complicated one underneath

Wow! That is an amazing thought and yeah it is true that you shouldn't have to spend money on things that you aren't going to wear or like or that will go out of style that quickly. The thing about the trousers half way down comes from the prison...It's a long story but basically it was a sign saying that guys were up for it from the other inmates. Make them think about that. We should all be unique and who we want to be anyway

Exactly! And of course, I didn't have any idea about the pants below the waist, I though they enjoyed showing the whitie-tidies. I learned something new.
And I'm definetily myself and everyone should be themselves, not have labels placed on them by others. Thx so much for ur comment!