I Make My Own.

Today I dyed my hair purple. It turned out to be darker and more reddish than I thought it would. Where I am, it is currently mid-summer. My mom took one look at my hair and said "Why did you have to go and do that? Your hair looked nice with the highlights in."
Pissed off, I Googled some words and found a thread, part of it written:

Everyone keeps saying "Don't dye your hair dark in the summer! Light hair with highlights is for summer...dark is for winter." What the hell kind of rule is that? Do you agree with it?? Ultimately, I'll do whatever I want..i just don't know what i want. LOL
I felt less discouraged after reading it, and thought that the 'rule' was stupid too. My purple hair glows in the sun anyway. Why do people have to conform to what society thinks? I've never heard of such a 'rule' until now. Sometimes breaking 'rules' may end up being more fun.

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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I know what you mean My mom got real pissd at me when I dyed my hair blond
Saying why didn't you keep your own natural Black well uh hows about that like 3,5Billion people have Natural Blake hair So Hows about some variety right ?

Dont dye your hair Dark in the summer WTF ?
who made up that crap ar ? If you wanna dye your hair whatever colour you like just do it screw other people it's your hair right you gotto walk with it not them !
You just shouldn't give a Damn

I completely agree. I read through some of your stories and they interest me, one said something about introducing myself before/if I add you to my circle. I'm not sure if this counts as an introduction, but I'd like to read more of your stuff maybe even chat sometime.