Love Fashion, But...

..."trendy" just isn't something i can get into. i think clothes should be about having fun and expressing your individual self, not copying everyone else around you because somehow they're "cool" and you want to "fit in" with them. i look around my campus (at people who are supposed to be mature and able to think for themselves) and i feel like i'm living in the land of the clones. everyone looks the same. they dress alike, wear their hair alike, carry the same bags, you name it. where's the fun in that? everyone's trying to be accepted by all the cliques, all the "popular" people who they desperately want approval from...and yet these so-called "cool" people still don't like them, even though they go to such lengths to look exactly like them! the point is, mean, snobby people are just that, and wearing certain clothes or hairstyles isn't going to change them. the change has to come from within them, so just stop sucking around them and be your own person already!

i believe the only reason you should ever wear something is because you truly like it, not because some silly passing fad says it's "in" at the moment. i go for more classic/unique things, because that's just my personal taste. keeping up with every trend means you'd have to go out and buy a new wardrobe practically every month. i love clothes, but i don't have the money or the desire to go that far! 

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4 Responses Feb 17, 2009

thank you! :)

way to go girl- you are a unique individual!!

i know what you mean! i've done that a few times myself. i go and create this look i think is totally unique and then i'll turn around and find other people copying it! i don't go for the trendsetter thing either, but like you say, people seem to just love playing follow the leader!

I don't follow tends either. I do my own thing....and inadvertently end up actually setting trends sometimes!<br />
Not that I mean to set them -it just seems that people like to copy things.