I'm Not a Sheep...

I've never felt pressurized into following the trends, and boy did I get bullied for that in school!


Well, as a kid, I didn't get enough pocket money to supply myself with expensive designer clothes, and even when I started getting week-end jobs I was more interested in saving my money to buy video games and DVDs.  Why waste it on clothes?


Now that I am older, it's become a conscious desire not to look like anyone else.  People have told me that the way that I dress has put them off getting to know me before.  I dress like the slob that I am - loose fitting trousers and unisex T-shirts (usually emblazoned with some sort of movie quote).  As I don't look like one of the crowd, people take my look as assuming I'm lazy, loutish and unintelligent - none of which are true.  Except possibly the lazy one.


It's been my experience that people who follow the trends are shallow.  They have no interests other than following the trends and being the same as everybody else.  If I ever get like that, I want someone to shoot me.  I'm sure there are some interesting individuals who trend-followers, but I have yet to meet one.

Ryuuzaki Ryuuzaki
22-25, F
3 Responses Feb 25, 2009

I thought from your av you'd dress in unisex stuff. I dont know if following trends and not caring about how you look are necessarily the same thing. I really like to look good, but as far as following trends, nah, not at all.

I agree. I look like I just rolled out of a charity shop. With good reason...

I love clothes and shopping and when you shop alot I guess you do follow trends by default, because thats whats in the shops.<br />
But I prefer to buy more classic pieces as opposed to fads - and I just buy what I like the look of rather than for the sake of being fashionable.<br />
The most important thing is being comfortable with what you look like - not where you got your top or who designed your handbag!