Comfort Rules.

I admit that I went through a phase where I wanted to look stereotypical "cool" but I quickly grew out of the uncomfortable and nauseating sea of "cool clothes". Who needs to look like every one else? I sure don't. My fashion sense isn't too radical, but it is definitely not a fashion trend...well maybe it was at one point in time, but who knows? I wear what I want to when I want to. Maybe one day I'll be following a fashion trend but you know what, that happens just because it happens to be what I feel like wearing that day. Some days i'll go crazy and wild and dress wacky because I feel like it. I don't need a magazine or tv show to tell me what's in and what's out. People should wear what makes them comfortable and not what other people approve of.

sgm213 sgm213
18-21, F
Feb 7, 2010