Trends Vs. Fads

I pride myself on being stylish without having to follow fads/trends. With fashion, almost everything in popular stores and shops is an interpretation of a trend from higher up. There are two things you can do: Pick what you like and use it {or} Pick what you like and use it how they use it. When other people stop wearing it, you've got to choose between stopping as well or keeping it. Keeping it is what makes you different from the other people.

There is a difference between fads and trends. Trends hold out longer than fads.

Trend: Designer Bags

Fad: Bags made from Jeans/Capri-Sun pouches. (For a while, everyone had them.)

If there is a trend/fad that I like, I do it because I like it---not because others are doing it.

Example: crochet berets.  I was in Target and saw one. It looked good on me, so I bought it. Never seen anyone wearing them before. This was in Texas. I saw one in New York in my favorite color (matched half my closet). I bought that one too. Then I move to Maryland and EVERYONE is wearing them. I still wear mine because they are good for bad hair days.


If it's a fad, I probably won't like it.

Example: skinny jeans. Besides my legs being too thin for them anyway, I just don't feel comfortable in them, so I don't do it.

Example: plaid. I hate it. You can never force me to wear plaid---even if 80% of clothing in 90% of stores is plaid.

Example: leggings. as pants and/or in print or neon colors. (not to be confused with tights) Don't even go there. At first I hated all leggings. Then, behold! I got a lot of scars on my legs and moved up north. =/ I wear mine UNDER dresses and skirts. And the solid black, grey, and white ones are good enough for me.

I think people who struggle to be non-conformists are just as bad as people who try to keep up with trends and fads.

Example: My friend: "I bought this cute top the other day but then I saw that Angela had the same one so I burned mine."

Lenagical Lenagical
26-30, F
Mar 12, 2010