Keep It Real

Why is it important to know what these people are doing? I don't believe that it is just that celebrities and pro-athletes are paid the amounts that they are, or given the attention that is granted to them. Who is it that continues to idolize these people that don't matter even in the slightest to society or the world. Some of them are good people, yes but, still, is it ever the good ones you hear about?

Keep it real. Celebrities are definitely overrated. Don't mistake this for jealousy or anything of that nature, I get what I deserve. I am just saying that people such as teachers and firefighters, should make double or triple what they do, while pop stars and divas should only make a mid six figure income. I think that is reasonable. 600,000.00? That is fair, actors and actresses don't need or deserve 100s of millions of dollars. Also, I don't believe that anyone's income should be capped by any type of government, I think that we, the people should consciously think about where our money is going. Don't invest and re-invest and re-invest in things that are just sending money to those who have enough. Think about it, it's a recession, we don't need to see a movie in theatres, we can wait on that. Maybe I'm wrong but, hey, I'm gonna be me, and me is a person that isn't going to continue to make entertainment personalities feel like royalty.
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Yeah, they adopt a single African baby, but all of that kid's brother's and sisters are just wiped out by famine, disease, or war. When they could probably provide the entire village with jobs and food for a decade with like, $1,000,000.00. After that, they probably could start developing a little bit. Teach a man to fish, you know.

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So obvious, yet so few realize it. Even the ones that commit superficial glamour acts such as adopting African babies, etc are morally hideous.<br />
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<i>"Yeah, I own a $5 million home while people are sleeping in boxes and starving but hey, I adopted an African baby!"</i>