I've Never Been Starstruck!

I'm always amazed when I see fans gush toward celebrities or muscial performers at concerts or public appearances. The audience is screaming, women are fainting or crying just because they saw this celebrity perform. I don't understand. Yes, I enjoy musicians and performers music; yet, to be overcome with emotion because they walked on stage, I just don't get it. I've never been starstruck. Its exciting seeing someone famous in person but to freak out because they shared the same air, nope I just don't get it.

I remember I went to a picnic and I was sitting in a group of peers about my same age and the one was telling a story about this football celebrity he met and admired and how disappointed he was when he saw this celebrity drinking alcohol and becoming inebriated during this football game. Its not like he was announcing or anything. He just came to enjoy the game, just like this guy (the one telling the story). He put this football player on a pedestal. Why? Who knows. I asked him why he was surprised that he was a normal guy who enjoyed drinking beer during a football game.  His answer, he's a celebrity. Huh. I was like, so. He just expected him to be larger than life rather than human.

I know lots of people who delight in the details of celebrities personal lives. Personally I'm not interested. I could care less who they're dating, where they went and with whom. I think sometimes people go on and on about this stuff because they want to appear knowledgeable or important. When I tell them I really don't care, well then it just takes the wind out of their sails. I guess they expect everyone to be interested in this stuff. These are the kinds of people who enjoy gossip, I also am not interested in that activity either. Why is it important for me to know what so and so did on a particular day? The thing that really gets me is that we live in the information age and are expected to know so much more important things, how do they have any room in their brain for all of that and this nonsense stuff too. I can barely keep up with the things I must know, let alone extra stuff. Maybe its entertainment for them and it just isn't for me.
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5 Responses Jun 18, 2010

Yeah, I just don't get that shygirl93. He was just a musician who knew all the right people to realize his dream.

I've seen Michael Jackson concerts where girls fainted over him! WHY? He's not the Messiah or Jesus Christ! He is a person like you and me

Yeah, it seems people are so fascinated with celebrities Kaybea1. They're just people like you and me who got lucky. Why would you faint if you met Bob Dylan?

I absolutely agree HeartofHearts - we SHOULD gush over our Epeeps! They're real, live people who share our same views. They give of themselves to us, spend time reading our stories, cheer us up when we're low, laugh at our jokes and entertain us more than these celebrities. Thank you for being my friend and I absolutely appreciate it!

I think that you have a valid point. I can relate to this post because I'm not a star-struck kind-of-person and I think that it's really important to realize these people are just that-- People! They eat and breath and poop... and mess up just like everybody else! Give 'em a break! Sometimes, I wonder if they would make as much dough if they weren't obsessed over by people? It's really quite mind-boggling. I like to read about people, in general-- so I will read articles in Vanity Fair and what-not, but I enjoy them as much as I enjoy reading about my Epeeps-- maybe I enjoy reading about my Epeeps even more! Epeeps are rad! We should gush over them instead!