Hate Celebrity Worship!!

im not going to worship these over paid over rated attention seekers, who thrive on people looking up to them, and inflating their already massive ego's!!!
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no we dont *Kailyn*, and thats one of the reasons i think celebrity worship is so sad, cos some people just dont seem to have much of a life themselves, so they have to know whats happening in other peoples live's!

We don't need to know every little thing they do do we?

well lol, i never actually meant it to sound as though i think they are all attention seekers, but just the ones that are always in these stupid magazines and stuff, the sort of celebrities that become more famous for being "famous" ,than for actually being talented!! lol

okay but how u can say all of them are attention seekers?

Ahhh!!! i see now what you mean!! lol :-) Thank you! for explaining to me, my young friend!! :-)

well *welshbabe*, there is nothing wrong with actually liking someone, cos they are talented and so on, but actually worshipping them, and having the same hairstyle as them, and following them everywhere and so on, is a different kettle of fish, thats when it starts to get a little sad!! lol

I try to go and see my favourite comedian when he is in Wales or my favourite seaside resort of Blackpool other than that! i don't bother! lol :-) <br />
Thank you for sharing my young friend! :-)

hehe, so who do you worship *SuperMother2010* lol?