Britney Spears Becoming A Controversial Topic

"Britney Spears not all there on 'X Factor' first day"

The title  you see up above is the article I ran into about her walking off in heat when a contestant butchered her song (just in case you were interested) As I read through the disgusting comments random people left behind, I was appalled.

I may not be wild about celebrities, but that does not mean I hate/dislike them. I rather enjoy the entertainment they give us, but I don't buy every magazine or watch the E channel all day wondering what's new. So, with that being said, don't think I'm on here defending Britney as a die-hard fan, becuase I never really followed her or kept up with her. I am defending her as a human being who is not perfect.

Some of the comments I saw dealt with butthurt people who despised the fact that she lip-sync most of her concert songs (Um which a lot of celebrities do), how she's a fraud, a psycho, a fake, no-talent and there I was just wondering why are these people so upset? They read a couple of words in an article that don't really explain much and it only took so little to **** people off? It's not like we were there, or knew what really set her off or influenced her to feel the pressure she felt. I mean hey, maybe she needed to pass gas or something. But I feel like people are such suckers when they read something and then assume it's 100% true.

As far as her talent goes, I think she does have a gift. People all over the world know her. I once saw a Japanese tour she went to and they were very excited to see her there. When I was in school, she was REALLY big on tv and I admit, I like a few of her songs. But somewhere down the line, she started making bad choices as we ALLLLLLLLLLLLL do. I mean we're human beings with personal and different battles that we go through. It's just that when a celebrity has a downfall, their popularity just amplifies everything to the point where it makes things LOOK worse for them. They are no different then we are.

I can't imagine how it must feel to be a celebrity where your face and every single situation you go through is known to the entire world and you have all these people who are constantly judging you and saying such mean things to you. That has got to be hard! And as I read these horrible comments I thought to myself 'wow', high school isn't over for some folks becuase people are still acting like bullies even in adulthood. I do agree that what she did was probably unprofessional but geez, people, chill.
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May 25, 2012