Why Would You

Why do we have an obsession with celebrity? Are our lives so vacant that we need to know there is a better life we could live?

I really don't give a **** if this movie star is dateing that rocker. Does it make the music any better if that pop star had a tough childhood or has come back from drug and drink oblivion.

I wake up tired every morning and break my back doing a job that I only do because it gives me a wage to pay my bills and buy a few things that give me a little short term pleasure.

Would I say no to fame?

Yes if it was for winning a game show that caught the public's attention for a few weeks. But if I was known for writing good songs or a good novel it would be acceptable. I still wouldn't want to read my personal life in the press nor would I expect anyone else to find it interesting.

hippnk hippnk
46-50, M
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

i worship no celebrity. i only admire michael jackson no other.