Follow The Crowd. After All, 100,000 Lemmings Can't Be Wrong!

I have always been different. In high school I was a misfit. I didn't fit in anywhere and kept to myself. I studied science and electronics while boys my age were playing football and dating. I was "weird" all the way around. I had chemistry sets, a microscope, a reflecting telescope, soldering iron and electronic parts, a computer. My dad said I wouldn't amount to anything by learning to program. I was wasting my life. Also, he thought I must be "funny" his word mind you, because I wasn't dating. I was painfully shy back then. I stayed in my room with my books or in my make-shift laboratory in the basement. I was happiest exploring and learning all these wonderful things.

It's funny though how things change. I'm still different. I still don't know what all the fuss is about a game on television, couldn't tell you how to change spark plugs, or throw a football to save my life. But I am working on an experiment that I enjoy although I've been told it isn't helping my image to my peers. However, my interests have become my greatest assets in the job force and in my personal life. I'll give an example:

About five years ago I invited my girlfriend (back then she was at least) to a condo on the beach. One of the benefits of being different is that all that studying jump started my career to where I can afford all this. But that's not what this is about, only a side note of what I've become by following my own course. However, I digress. To continue: We went out to the pool, sunbathed, swam and so-on. That evening she said she would mix up a couple of drinks if I would play something for her. We went out on the balcony.

I played a song that reminded me of her. People from two floors down outside began gathering. I stood up, started playing and singing and gathering a crowd. In the middle of it all, she said to them, "I'm sleeping with the guitar player!" This went on for about forty-five minutes until the security guard broke it up. The crowd followed the individual (me) this time. It is nice to stand out.

This is probably the most scatter-brained post I've made. I'm not sure where I was going with all this. I guess what I'm saying is, people laugh and whisper behind your back because you dare to be different. Someday, that individuality will come in handy and people will praise you. So embrace it.
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What if i dont want to lead or follow