More Often A Curse.

I get so attached to people, then they just walk out of my life.  But, I never forget anyone.  For some reason I've blocked out A LOT of people and memories from middle school, I guess because it was so traumatic.  But, everybody else, I remember.  I have a very strong memory.  I remember specific conversations with various people, and things we did together, that they don't even remember.  I replay the same night in my head every single day of my life, scene for scene, wishing I could have it back.  Sometimes I wish I could forget a lot of people and things, though.
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4 Responses Jun 14, 2010

I agree with you and everyone here! It's the same with my break up. Some people say let it go. Trust me, I wish I could!

me too,bt hw i wish i cud tak people for granted!

I am much the same... my most recent breakup is still killing me as I can remember so many things...

BOO! remember me? no jk. i have a strange memory too. I remember faces so well... i remember those who don't even remember me.