For A Change

People forget me too easily, at least they try to !
Erevos Erevos
31-35, M
9 Responses Jul 5, 2010

Thanks Carrie, that means a lot

People forget me easily too. Modern life is very “busy” for people and they “might lose you on their way”. But the most important ones always stay in your life and you are one of them for me.

oh WOW !!! Meeka !! thank you dear . i can't forget you too

Softy: you are always special ! love you

*runs in tatoos a big neon pink heart on SD forehead * there you will never be forgotten again

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh Topayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!! that was supposed to be a secret !!

No I don't... and you will never forget me too <br />
cuz... <br />
YOU LOVE ME!<br />
<br />
You've been here as long as me.<br />
Guess what... I'm on your back! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!<br />
<br />
Now... delete your account! Make the new one! Hmm... I thought you already done that for many times!

just a story, anyway thanks for the comment

I know the feeling. Don't worry about it, the people who matter won't forget you. The ones who are superficial will. I think of it like that.. ain't never missed no one superficial ;)