A Good Long Term Memory. :)

I remember almost everyone who had been once in my life. I remember my old neighbors, my school friends (even those with whom I never talked), my school teachers, even my elder sister's friends. Once, me and my sister were talking about our old school, I recalled to her about her old friends. She said she didn't know them. lol. After a while she said like: " Ohh, ok, I remember".
Few months back, one of my old friends, very old friend called me on phone. He was a good friend of mine when I was in school. He was asking about the others. I told him about one of the friend with whom I met few months back. My old friend didn't remember him. (Which was strange because in school my old friend used to tease him, not bulling, but in friendly way).
It's not that I think about past all the time and because of that I remember the people. It's just that I don't forget easily. I can say that I have a good long term memory. Few of my friends have said to me this. My close friend have said to me that I have a huge hard drive (which is present in PC) in my brain. I take it as a compliment. :D .
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yes, it happens but who can't forget their friends called real friends.

I also remember peoples which ever meet me. my friends said me computer mind :D.

I remember faces of people I knew from past but sometimes I forgot some peoples names. On one hand, I can recall words from conveys I had with some people I talk with months or weeks ago.

My sister says my mind was like a steel trap. I understand you completely :) It's fun, but frustrating when others can't remember something. It's so easy!

It is really nice of you recalling your old friends that shows a very damn good aspect in you,, about me i do SOMETIMES recall old friends, but the problem is that I can't reach them, they are unreachable being oceans apart from each.....<br />
<br />
Anyway, i wish best of luck to them all ^_^