Live And Learn

People are treasures. Laugh if you wish, but it is true. Every single being on this planet has a story to tell, has a life of experiences to share. (isn't that the point of this website?) It is so easy to forget that people's action and reactions, words and feelings all stem from their previous experiences before encountering you. When you take the time to get to know another person, you take on the knowledge of their stories, their 'shoes' they walk in. How could anyone ever forget the struggles and heartaches, successes and failures of anyone brave enough to share those moments with you. It's these moments that make our lives worth makes them more than the cookie cutter existence that we could all live. It is what makes us human: live and learn. Whether they die or I never see them again, pieces of them still linger in my judgement, in my perception, in my memories. They are here with me as long as i can remember.
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I love this post. It's true and warm. I have SO many wonderful people in my life. I wish so stones that they were closer, where I used to live the were, and my home was the one we all spent time together at. Then my house burnt led me to move about 50 min away from there, the circumstances were difficult, but it has made me be even more aware of their quality. It is hard to find deep good friendships, even though I agree that everyone has a story, there are certain people who are brought into your life because you NEED them, and many people don't appreciate that.

Humans are not disposable...

i like what you have said here because i exactly feel the same for ppl and im proud of myself that i can see and understand the real stories of others ....