I Remember Everyone.

I find this to be a bit odd, actually.. I even remember those I've met online, since the age of 10. I guess when it comes to people, I'm like an elephant, I never forget; with other things, not so much...
Like mathematics, for example.
Lol :-)

shygirlll shygirlll
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I am exactly the same way.

I am the opposite, I can remember faces though

I never forget faces, especially such as your wonderful profile photo. Names elude me though.

wow that is amazing shy girl ! .

I am so the opposite - My EP friends write me and if it has been a month or two, I say "who's this?" And for me math is just the same - I don't remember the first significant digit of my bank balance, I have to look it up. LOL

can u add me please

I am the same way. Especially with faces

I remember my first kiss at age 7 clear as crystal

I remember people I've seen on the bus once that said something to me or I noticed something about them years later. I see people i remember everywhere.

ahhh, i know what you mean! sometimes it can seem a little strange to other people who are a little more forgetful... like, "why do you remember me so well?" haha xD

I share your gift, you seem amazing :)

That is incredible! Do you remember anything else that completely, or just people? It sounds like you have an amazing mind!

If I may. Its what is called having an eidetic memory. I would like to talk to you more about if if you would care to add me.

I am the same way! Lol