after my mentally ill sister called my job repeatedly last night, harrassing me and my co-workers and forcing me to call the police and report her, i will not forgive or forget what she did. the blatant disrespect for me, my workplace and for co-workers who are more like family than she'll ever be, is unforgivable. she's shot her last wad with me. being mentally ill is no excuse for her behavior. she may be crazy but she's not stupid.
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She's mentally ill for God shake, she doesn't think the way you, me or most people you know do. You need to help her, give her a slap on the face, a wake up call for things she has to stop doing anymore. Beat her for love and education, being avengeful to a mentally ill person is no help, you need a heart to heart talk with your co-workers and your sister eventually.<br />
I'm sorry, I'm frankly opposing your temporary feeling, however, she's your sister and I'm sure no body including you and me wants to swap a position to a mentally ill person.<br />
And I'm sorry for my English.

i've tried to help the woman over the years, me and her other family members, to no avail. i simply cannot and won't anymore. whatever mental issues she has, i do believe she knows right from wrong but she just doesn't care. let someone else help her, i've done all i can.

yes, she is sick and needs help but given all that i've been through with her and because of her, i can't be the one to help her. i try not to hold grudges against her anymore but it's difficult given all the hurt and terrible things i've seen her do to those i love over the years. while i may have let all of that go to some degree it doesn't mean that i desire a relationship with her.

Your sister is sick right at the core i.e mind. We are all descent human beings because of our healthy mind. I dont think its a good idea to hold grudge against her, The law system of the country doesnt hold hold them in case they caused problems..what about you. She onluy needs help.

so true, destiney, so true. it's too bad that some of the people you have to cut out of your life are family but that's the way it goes sometimes.

i do believe in god but this is one i'm going to have to work on. she hasn't asked for forgiveness because i'm sure she feels that she's done nothing wrong and, even if by some chance i could forgive her, i can't have a relationship with her. she's too unpredictable, i've seen her do too much destruction to others over the years.

if you believe in god this applies " GOD forgives us so who are we not to forgive some thats ask for it<br />

cutting her out sounds like the best, and only, choice. i've had to let go of people that i just wasn't able to make any progress with too.

you're absoulutely right, oneday. having a relationship with her is impossible and because of all the nastiness i've seen from her over the years, i don't even want one with her.

Sometimes we just have to let go of toxic people in our lives...even if they are blood.