Master Of Holding A Grudge.

I truly am. There are people who treated me like crap in school and I had many two faced friends and here I am 26 and I still do not forgive them. I have even had a couple try to apologize and I acted like I forgave them at the time...primarily because they had me cornered at my job at a well known discount retail chain and they were customers...but I do not truly forgive them. I have some of them trying to add me on facebook now and I just keep clicking ignore...ignore...ignore. You can call me immature and well...unforgiving but I simply have no desire to be friends with these ******** and I sure as hell do not care about their latest trailer purchase, pregnancy, meth addiction etc. When it comes to those I love I am more forgiving. Like I will forgive my husband as he has forgiven me many times. But if its someone I don't care about...nope...can't do it. And there is a good chance if I ever learn of any of their demises I will inquire as to where their bodies are lain to rest not so I can pay my respects but so I can do friggin Irish jig on their graves and perhaps end the dance by defecating on it. Meh...I guess if there is a hell I will be nice and warm and toasty when I am gone...
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I think I follow what you wrote. It sounds alot like me in school. No respect, no common deciency from your peers,put down and left for dog-doo. Hell, my school won't even acknoledge me as a graduate. At least send me a reunion reminder that I once was part of their little fifedom! but no, so I finally gave them a piece of my mind, in a hand written letter and guess what------(pause for dramatic response) the head BOZO still to this day has not even acknowledged my letter. More than likely, he represtens the other @$$holes that I was in school with. Run away from the problem? Nah, I left for my own sanity and a big middle fingered salute to those who never even gave me a chance.

well. i think you don't need to forgive them at all if you don't want to.But remember, the people you turned down might turn out to be very important to you in future. So you can pretend to forgive them. Because if some other day you really need their help, you can still get their help. That is what i do right now. I never really forgive who offended me in the past. I never forgive and forget.Plus, i will try to avoid meeting them as much as i can. and if i can't, i put on a beautiful smile....

i don't think people that have treated you badly are deserving of forgiveness and there's nothing saying that you have to have anything to do with them either. it would be better not to.