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Since I'm A Scorpio..

my personality traits are that i dont forget things easily meaning i can hold a grudge forever if i wanted to, i dont like getting in with the wrong crowd, because i've been hurt many times to the point where i've just had enough. i cant be bothered, and i'm not going to let some stupid schmuck get away with hurting me again.
OliverCJ OliverCJ 18-21 3 Responses Dec 14, 2010

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I forgive easily but never forget. It can come out in the heat of the moment but I could kick myself for saying it, while I'm saying it. I'm like a dog with a bone - that's when the sting in the tail is turned inwards I s'pose. And I pay for it dearly sometimes........

Hey Ruby, my partner is an Aries and he's not a man that forgives easily at all! It takes forever for anyone to earn his forgiveness and trust if he's betrayed. He's got a photographic memory and an irritating habit of reminding you what you'd rather forget at times you really wish he wouldn't. Also his temper is volcanic.

I know and understand how you feel and react.<br />
I too am a Scorpio and I have a long memory and can easily hold a grudge from now until the end of time if necessary.