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I Admit It..I Don't

I shouldn't give them that rental space in my head...I guess you could say I'm good at holding grudges

deleted deleted 26-30 3 Responses Mar 27, 2012

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Oh my ******* god. REALLY with the damn grudge picture?!? Why did I even scroll down, and right when I am trying to go to sleep...ugh..thanks a lot, I thought big sisters were supposed to make their little sis feel safe not want to hide under the covers....only to find that the creepy face is right under their with them!'m seriously too freaked out to sleep now tho

Yeah well it is for those people who say "you are forgiven, I make peace with you, love you again" type of crap...that you should really look out for...words can often sound sincere when the Heart is not!!! Oh the Games people play.

You know it isn't good for your health and wellness, but a Kitty has claws and teeth for a reason. She is patient with her prey, and strikes suddenly and decisively. Tigers have been known to single out and kill particular humans who have tried to trap or hunt them, or for capruring her cubs.