I Can't Help It.

I try so hard to forgive and forget, but i just can't. early into our relationship, my boyfriend hurt me a lot. he flirted with other women, he wrote extremely hurtful letters about how i was a dirty *****, and he really didn't take our relationship seriously at all.It's been a couple months sense then, but i just can't get over it. I love him, i really do, but i don't feel like i can let my guard down with him because he's hurt me before. I don't know how to build back my trust after he ruined it.
inawarwiththeworld inawarwiththeworld 16-17, F 1 Response Jun 10, 2012

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If you really feel you can't let your guard down than it would be better if you really love him to let him go. It will only be frustrating for you especially if he does it again. It is a different story if your married but, he 's just a boyfriend move on it doesn't hurt to see beyond the little box. Especially when you can't forgive and forget. Look beyond your horizon and keep your head high you will feel much better and love will come and seek you.