It's Not Fair That I Am Expected To Forgive And Forget So Easily.

I am a true believer in forgiveness, but I also do believe that some things just can't be forgiven. Sometimes you hurt so bad, that you can't forgive it. Forgiveness comes from the heart and in order to give it, you have to feel it. I've been hurt, just like we've all been hurt. And there is always that person who expects to be forgiven for the mistakes he or she did to break you down. Some times it's okay to not forgive, some times you just can't forget. So don't feel alone or wrong that you can't forgive or forget easily. It's just an honest part of the heart.
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1 Response Jul 7, 2012

I concur. Going through the same emotions as we speak. I want to forgive but it's not happening on "cue" and just because people say I should, I hear it'll set me free but I just dont feel it right now.<br />
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I was hurt so bad to the points of wanting to not even live anymore. now if one person can make you feel such hurt, why do they deserve to be forgiven? I guess forgiveness is for ourselves and not the other person.