It Ends Here

This is where forgiveness will be left, here on this blog post. I've been given this chance to become a great person, I have friends who love me and a life ahead of me.
I've given you a certain period of time to try and make up to me for the problems you caused and the hurt you inflicted upon me; the intentional hurt, not the ones I made up in my anger.
I won't be treated that way again by anyone. Not that disrespect, not that neglect, not the excuses and the flakiness or the feeling that I wasn't worth it that all of this made in me.
I gave you all the chances you are going to get, I was fair and I tried to keep us going, tried to make this work.
I'm now going to treat you the way you treated me. I'm going to ignore you for the rest of my life, forget about you and spend my time with the people that matter.
I forgive and forget you.
Don't call me again, asking for another chance.
Your time is up.
26-30, M
Aug 16, 2012