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I don't forgive nor do I forget! I have an entire list I always carry with me, that shows who did bad things to me, how I want my revenge to play out and what exactly they did to get on my list and when and where they decided to get on my bad side! Once you're on, you NEVER get off! I have exactly 723 people on the list, crossed off 297 people! You can risk your life to earn my "trust" back, but in the end, you'll be unforgiven! I'm a genius when it comes to planning things, but people make the critical mistake as 297 people have found out of underestimating me because I'm a girl! Don't ever underestimate me, because you will regret it! Yes, I'm aware of the fact I'm so hateful but just don't p.iss me off, and you'll be fine! If you think punching and kicking me is gonna deter me, you're sadly mistaken! Like I said before, once you're on my list, you don't get off!
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I am curious about what happened to the 297 crossed ones (brrr.... frightening :) )

It sounds like a pain in the neck to maintain this list. I wouldn't with to have one, even with an full time administrative assistant :)

More seriously, resentment can be exhausting. Sometime forgiveness can provide some relief, especially if the harm was not serious. I wish you to find some rest.

Lets see before I moved I got several in trouble for possession (yes I did do bad to get them) 2 others were on probation at the time and somehow (not gonna say how) I planted guns in their car (no, I'm not a snitch I tricked them into turning themselves in) and seeing as they both violated probation, both got extended terms! The majority of them were mostly little things like stealing valuables and selling them, I actually sold someone's brand new car without them knowing! Or blackmail, which seems to be my forte! For the people that abused me, I abuse them back using their own family, yes I'm aware that is evil, people think I'm not capable of handling or even doing things to that degree because I'm a girl! The 2 worst things all involve fire! I destroyed someone's heirloom by burning it and it was worth $50,000 but not seemingly! I actually have it but gave them the impression I did! I set another persons car ablaze, this person sexually abused me and had gotten away with it until I decided, nope not on my watch!

It sounds you don't trust justice and you decide to do justice yourself. Aren't you afraid of the consequences ? Your experience sounds like, right out of a gangsta-ghetto movie.

I don't believe in justice nor do I believe it gets served! To me what I call it is, revenge! Not at all, if I go down, I'm not gonna go down without a fight! How so?

That sounds combative! And also let me thank you for the detailed answer too. Actually, as long as you are sexy, all this is fine with me! (that's my own personal version of feminism haha). And, since you used their family, and destroyed heirloom: did you go for the family jewels !! That would be a great story for the "I love ballbusting" group !!

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Should you really be so harsh though! Some people shouldn't even be on the list because they're just not worth it!

Yes I must! They're on my list because I wrote their name on it! It could be for something small like they took the last cookie and somehow I will get ticked off enough to get some sort of revenge! About 9 or 10 are family members!

That's just ridiculous! No way!

No way what?

No way that you can possibly put somebody a sh!t list for something like taking the last cookie!

That was just an example on how easily I get angry! If you notice I clearly said "it COULD be something small like they took the last cookie" not that I did put them on the list for that! Read next time!

But you shouldn't even get angry so easily! Tolerance! That is the key! Without tolerance we fail!

Why is that? I know you said tolerance but why else?

Why else what?

Why else shouldn't I get angry so easily? Wasn't it obvious?

Because it's just not good! Anger and intolerance destroy us! It makes us hate! And when there's hate there's evil and inner death! Might sound like a Dahlai Lama idea but it is fact! Anger is actually weakness!

I understand where you're coming from! But anger is my happy! Sick, yes! But I spend too much on trying to be happy, but fail! For me it is easy, so in that regard, yes it is a weakness! But it's a weakness I'm willing to live with!

You just need the right stuff in life! Don't try to spend so much on happiness! Let go of anger and hate and spend some time with who you are on the inside and you will find happiness! Then you won't hate! To know happiness is to know yourself! And to fukk what other people think!

Yeah well, it's easier said than done! I have a lot of resentment and if I ever let go of hate it'll be a long time from now! If someone wrongs me I'm gonna expect them to do it again! That's why when people say sorry to me, they don't believe they're sorry! They just say it for recognition!

I understand what you mean! I've experienced some of what you're talking about! But I move on! Those people don't have to matter to me - or you! And they don't! No matter who does what to me I always try to make sure I'M doing the right thing! It matters more to me to know that I'm doing what's right than the people who are doing wrong! We all have to answer for what we do in life! And we gotta be sure we won't have to answer too badly!

Some friends no longer talk to me because, I'm so angry! I made the list because one day I want people to understand why I have so much anger and hatred!

Anger is a human emotion and sometimes necessary but is more UNnecessary than is! We CAN repel people with anger! So just don't be so angry! Learn to love! And to have tolerance! And know that there may be things in you that other people hate or what makes them angry! Just think about the other people!

I'm sure there is, I see or rather hear a lot of it here, on EP!

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I do like what you have said about getting in your bad list. we all have one of those but yours is way much larger than mine.Some times I just lay low until you think it is ok,that is when the bat is up side your head.( not you) just saying about others u know.