It's a Major Flaw.

I know this is something I need to change about myself because it is starting to make me a little bitter in regard toward certain people and things. Somethings I will never forget and some people I will never forgive but I think there are things I need to.
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my question is just how do u learn to forgive? that's the part i have the hardest time with. or do they have 2 go hand in hand? i've never heard an explanation that satisfies me. if anyone out their can give me some knowledge, please do. my ex died almost 2 years ago and while most of my anger towards him is gone, i can't say i've totally forgiven him, even in death.

I learned long ago its foolish to hold onto grudges all they do is make you sick. I choose to forgive not because its good for the offender but for myself. Personally a primary reason it pleases God.

forgive and forget... what a noble concept. I have to learn that also... I need to forive my mother for all the horrible things she did to me as a child... yeah... like it's really THAT easy! NOT! However, I have managed to forgive the less evil things she did.... the worse is yet to come... God, help me....

ha, in my family it is the norm to hold 'rents seem less like good role models everyday...*sigh*

It's said that everything needs to be forgivin and forgotten. We are human and not perfect either so we need to forgive others so that the ppl we wrong are more likely to forgive us. Does that make since? Think of it this way. Your not forgiving them and forgetting everything for them your doing for you. If you forgive them you don't have to carry around that hate and anger for the rest of your life...can you imagine how much happier you'll be throughout your life? So don't do it for it for you.<br />
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Another thing. Just because you forgive and forget doesn't mean you have to keep that person in your life and give them another chance to do it to you again. Forgiving is only for your benifit...its so you don't have the burden to carry around ya if your not carrying that then your fine and that person doesn't have to be around anymore. <br />
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Did I help any? Did I make since (lol)? I hope so. To be honest this is a problem I'm working on myself. In my family we are pretty much taught to hold to a grudge like a 10lbs brick of gold. I'm having to learn exactly what forgiving and forgetting really means...what it really requires me to do ya know...and I'm learning it's actally the better option. Doesn't mean it's just means I'm more willing to work on it and I'm trying harder to do so.<br />
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Good luck. And hey...if you wanna write me about something...for any reason...feel free. TTYL