I Can Forgive But Never Forget

i'll forgive people for things that they have done, but i'll never forget what they did, which i suppose means i dont really forgive them, but the thing is, if they need forgiving for something, then they must have done summet rather bad wrong, and in my mind that will never go away, even if i do forgive them for it, cos it'll be something to prove something else that is going on in my head. An example one of my closest friends said something that really upset me the other day, i admit i was being a little snappy, but she took it one step too far and said something that really hurt me, fare enough i forgive her, we're back as great friends and as if nothing ever happened, but what she said will always be on the top of my mind the next time i get low and unable to cope, so i can forgive, but wont forget.
sezy sezy
18-21, F
Aug 13, 2007