Do You Really Think I Can Forget!

Somethings I can't forget that my husband said to me in the past 10 years:

After 7 years of marriage.  I didn't love you the first 7 but now I do.  That's why we never really had sex.

To his best friend.  She's to fat why would I want to **** her.  After I just given birth to our 9lb 14oz son.  Duh you have the big a kid and see if your not a little  heavier.  I now weight 135 lbs and I'm 5"4 inches  I'm not fat but I'm not a toothpick either.

To MY 12 year old son. After he had been sexually assaulted by another boy. I think you were old enough that you could have said no.  I think it's you fault too. 

And you wonder why I hate you and I'm going to leave you?  You say I hold a grudge.  You bet your *** I do.   


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Oh you have a fantasy real man???? That is so cool for you to have that T.

Puggy.....I'd like to add a few chapters to your book if I may. I know where a wonderful man is....but he's just a fantasy....he doesn't even realize how wonderful he is...If only... Please feel to pm me if you want to talk...Love and Hugs T

tks..I dont know......are we cursed or what! where have all the good men gone! I cant deal with this crappy life of mine..too much I tell you..too much..I must write a book about everything one will be a best seller!

Puggy.....yeah it seems to be the story of my life too...that was my ex.....and now I seem to have a few issues with the new hubby too... I think I must pick some real great men to marry....LOL...

Verbal and emotional abuse is a terrible thing. I have had to hear:<br />
I am not inlove with you..<br />
look at you<br />
why dont you find someone else and I find someone older<br />
I have to f*cken work to support a 40y old woman<br />
Your father is not my f8cken problem , I have my own dad<br />
I guess I got married cause it was the next step to do I suppose<br />
What happened in your past is not my problem<br />
my family will always be there for me, you may not<br />
a person has to take care of his own interests<br />
<br />
So, yes....those words ..they keep ringing in my many other things have been said, I cannot even remember ......he does not even show remorse....he things by saying sorry....that makes things right..or buying me stuff, that makes things right...I have switched heart is closed..I have no faith in him anymore.....<br />
I told him..'how can u expect me to just accept your apologies and make asif nothing happened..tomorrow you want to smile and make as if everything is right, avoiding the issues.....and to tell me you are not inlove with me..and expect me to want to work at the marraige?, he says ' aah, you **** me off, then I say things...but here is the thing...I asked him valid questions as to what is going on in this that now '******* him off'..I am sorry..dealing with an emotionally immature husband.....story of my life.....

Hey got to make you smile a little at least.

Thanks for you words. Your too funny!

Glad that you have left that jerk, for if you were still with him I might just have to open a can of whoopass on him.<br />
<br />
I can say this with a firm voice that "Even though he was married to you and you still have kids together, I hope he dies alone and broken, and that the bad karma he has put on your for those years will visit him ten fold."<br />
<br />
I am so glad that you have left him T for if you hadn't I shudder at what I would have found instead.<br />
<br />
Love you T.

I don't think I understand your comment! Could you please explain it to me. Thank You TK

my observation in the human journey is that we have not learned how to ask for our sexual opinions and needs to be respected, yet. Gosh seven years of hardly any sex!! Seven years of not knowing how to love the person you are married to! Didn't anyone think they needed to get another opinion? Trouble is Relationships don't come with a "how to..." Perhaps. if we knew better we would 'do' better.

Good for you that is not a stable man,thats a terrible thing to do to a child who is already in pain.Your size sounds normal,a good size.