Because The Last Time I Checked, We Weren't All Robots.

So why should we be passing along obnoxiously fake and immature displays of affection or humor? It's sad really because I'm sure people still go out and do people things. They just don't share them the way they used to. This tragic epidemic of just accepting mass produced trash has even infected our personal relationships. You've got people sending ridiculous photos and stories, little mini surveys beating around the bush on whether or not a classmate likes you hell, people don't even properly collaborate about their beliefs anymore! You get stories of god doing this and Jesus doing that. Then there's the peer pressure ones that try to get you to lassitude along as it was done to you. No. No, no, no, no. Stop it right now, damn it. You wanna be funny? Call up a friend and remind thwm of a great time you both had putting fire crackers in mail boxes as kids or embarrassing times that crack you up now, you wanna remember old times, look through a photo album(assuming not all your photos are digital at this point), you want to know if she feels the same way as you, go get her a few flowers, run by her place tell her she's woken you up like the morning sun(and not in the bad way when the beams of light finally hit that precise spot in your eye and you go "****! Not another Monday!") take a chance, its romance, god damnit! You want to share the good word? I'm not even religious and I can tell you that you'd get a much more fulfilling experience going for a long walk or drive with fellow believers to someplace special to you and contemplating all the mysterious workings of your deity and your purpose in the big picture! It's not rocket science, its humanity! You can still do that, right?
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May 14, 2012