I Don't Gamble.

Not to say I never bet, or I don't go to a casino to spend ome money. But it's the same, I go to a bar to spend some money. I call bullshit, I go to a bar to get in a fight, or to drink. Money is incidental. Same with people who go to casinos, and it makes me sick. Yeah, go ahead, play the lottery. It works out for the winners, oh wait, no it doesn't. They spend it as quick as they get it. Mostly double quick, and end up in debt. Do you want to be dumb like that?
I don't. I take a lesson from the rich. They don't play the lottery, except as a game. For fun. They don't invest in that. Well, they do, but it's called government bonds. Who are you fooling? You. You aren't gonna win. It's a sucker game for suckers. Scratch tickets are even worse. They appeal to the instant gratification in all of us. **** all that ****. It's a sucker bet, like in the carnival, the Lottery is putting carnies out of business, because no suckers have any money left.
It's just human stupity. ****** me off. Like nice guys who believe a hooker loves them. God, it never ends. Nice guys do finish last. Dead last. Drugs rule everything, we live in a chemical society. All the 1940's fears for the future have been met, and exceeded. Life ain't nice. Or easy. But it is so easy to sink down into the common run of people. Yes, I'm an aristocrat, if it means being aware of things the way I am. And, yes, I pinky ****** that dog, then let it lick peanut butter off my junk. Still had to take care care of myself.
If that kind of **** ends so badly, I think even Satan is out of business. So go deal, I'm living my life, and it sucks.
Socklord Socklord
31-35, M
1 Response Jul 9, 2010

Hey, do your deal.....It's not my money. If I decide to go to a casino, it's like playing the lottery. Just for fun. I don't have any expendable income that way.