Me And My Dad Aren't Talking

My dad and i aren't in great terms at the moment. We are both very competitive and hard headed, so I guess you can say personalities clash. We've been mad at each other for months without talking. My dad is getting kind of old now but always has had a huge ego. I remember when I was small I begged him to talk to me again, to be my dad because that's the way things are suppose to be then tried hugging him but he just stared back at me not acknowledging my hug. After that day I said to myself that I would never do that again, I felt like "why should I be begging someone to like me". Don't get me wrong we get along when were not fighting but throughout the years as I get older I learned to keep things civilized but he's always been a grumpy man. Now he gives me ugly looks all the time, I feel like I want nothing to do with him but it saddens me that we will end up this way. I feel like I have too much pride to have to always approach the problem when he never makes an effort but if it was my sister and him fighting he would be buying her ice cream the next day. The reason why we are mad has to do because he made me feel unwanted, and my mom disregards the whole problem. Any advice I would gladly consider it.
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**** him off from your life.I

I have the same problem.My father had always treated me like **** and never tried to be a father figure.I tried to show him that i care for him and always respected him but lately i lost it.I lost respect for him and don t want him in my life again.These people are narrsistic and they will not change no matter what you do.Don t loose time from your life.Take care and remember you re not alone.x x