I Sont Get along With My Dad At All . He Causes My Mom Too Much Pain . I Don't Like Him Nor Do I Want To Love Him . **** Him . I Hate To Have To Look Aht Him Everyday . It Makes My Life Hell . I Hate His Guts . I Wish He Would Die . If Yhur Reading This And Wondering Why I Hate Him So Much is That , He Causes Too Much . My Mom Will Do Anything For Him . My Dad Is A Dead Beat , Wanna Be Muther ****** . I Hope she Rots In Hell . He Can't Do Anything by himself all he does is wait for my mama to do everything for him . But unfourtanlly my mom married this crack head . Yeah IbSaid It Crack Head . He Does Every Drug aim The Book . And He Doesn't Care Who Likes It . He Once Called Me a Prostitute && He Even Looks Ke And My sister Up && Down . Or Even a looks At My Sissyers *** . I Hate This Man And I Wish He a would Die . I Hope He Does .
DeeplyLoved43 DeeplyLoved43
18-21, F
Aug 20, 2014