I Just Don't Get People!

On Mother's Day I found out my parents, brother, grandmother and my cousin and her kids were all over at my aunts. I asked if we could come over and my aunt just kept on mumbling on about not having enough food for us. I told her that we already ate, we just want to come over. She told me that the kids would have to play outside because her dog was to antsy with all the people over. I told her if that happens with our dog we just put him in a room. She told me "I can't lock her up in her own house". I told her that that was just fine....I'd give my mom her Mother's Day gift some other time and I hung up on her. Have I lost my mind? Did I just hear my aunt tell me her dog was more important than my daughters????

When does it make more sense to put the humans outside so the animal feels more comfortable????

Then my mom called me back and asked me what my problem was. Like I was the 1 with the problem! For 1 the whole family was there and we were not invited and when I call to see if we can come over I get told my kids will have to stay outside so my aunts dog will feel more comfortable. Yeah like I'm the 1 with the problem!
31-35, F
May 20, 2012