Am I Mistreated Or Too Sensitive?

Over the past 15 years of marriage my in-laws have often slighted me, ignored me, or just "forgotten" me. If I were to try to enumerate the instances, they seem petty. They did not come to the hospital when my youngest child was born, they spend more money on their other grand children for birthdays and holidays than they do mine, They just generally act like they don't care for me or my children. When I try to call attention to it, I am being too sensitive or misreading their signals. I should just get over it. We got along wonderfully before I married their son. How can I get beyond the hurt and maintain a relationship with this group of people that I can't even think about without wanting to cry?
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1 Response May 9, 2012

As I am reading this I am seeing my future. I would love to have the answer but like you I don't. It is so tiring trying to find the answers. Sometimes I think maybe I am too hard on them, they don't know any better. But as the behavior continues I get more and more frustrated and angry. I come fro such a loving, caring family, how can people be so cold to their lived ones? Bitterness has taken over and I just want them to feel unimportant. I try hard to rise above wanting to " get even" but deep down I want to. I want them to hurt, I want them to know how inconsiderate and pathetic I think they are. I guess it is a good thing I started writing here, it gives me some sense of release. Thanks for listening ;)