I Still Love Her

i hate my mom when she's going hysterical

i hate my mom when she yells at me in public

i hate my mom for not supporting the things I want to do

i hate my mom for not giving me a single centavo for my education

i hate my mom 'cause i have to work and study at the same time

i hate my mom when she sends me errands when i got home exhausted from work

i hate my mom when she's doing her mannerisms

i hate my mom when she scolded me for wearing make up, and so i never did again

i hate my mom when she was furios 'cause i graduated as a salutatorian in grade school, and not valedictorian

i hate my mom when i hug from her back and ask 'Ma, do you love me?" and she'll just answer 'Stop it, I'm busy..'

(a 'yes' or a 'no' is easier to utter than 'Stop it, I'm busy..')

i hate her for those little things and issues..


but sincerely love her

waiting for her answer as "yes"

or maybe "no" is enough.. atleast, she answered..

MeglioBlue MeglioBlue
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4 Responses Apr 28, 2010

I wanted to add you as a friend, but it seems that your account is privately seen.

Aww... why is it sometimes? But I understand how it feels. hugs

i believe my mom is bipolar sometimes she loves me but some times she has me in a corner slapping the s*** out of me with my pink lotion( i guess that was what was closest to her but idk??) but i still love her......sometimes:)

WOW. Your very strong to still love your mother. I can say with my personal experiences those are the very same reason why I don't like my mom. On the other hand depending on the age of your mom, some people just don't say "I Love You". I'm not trying to defend your mom, but my parents are in their 50's. They tell me that their parent never said it to them, they don't understand why I "need" to hear it. Our parent repeat they way they were raised this isn't an excuse just a fact. Does your mom do anything that ever shows that she loves you? If yes then there is hope that she cares. If no then maybe you should start treating her the way that she treats you. Force her to see the world that she creates for you. After seeing your relationship for your perspective maybe then she might at least understand where your coming from. I don't think things will change, but they might get better.