My Mom And I Don't Get Along

There are times when we do get along but we argue a lot and there are many things I don't like about her. She is always late ever since I was little and would make me wait for hours. These days she has gotten a lot better but her excuses are always "You should be thankful that I even drive you." She's really stubborn and she doesn't let me go out with friends and says I have to study because my friends are smart and I'm not so I should study twice as much. If I'm bad at a certain subject she always uses money and pairs me with tutors and I really want to do it by myself but now I have a tendency to rely on tutors and believe that I can't do things by myself. When we argue she says that I'm selfish and that she hopes that I have a kid just like myself. When she yells it's extremely loud and she keeps yelling for hours and hours. Especially in the car she takes the advantage and yells at me more because she knows I can't jump out or get away. When I do things for good intentions she questions them and sometimes she has a twisted mind. She is really needy and always needs assurance and asks me the same things over and over. When she's made she gets violent and she never cuts her nails so I have a scar on my arm. I am really passionate about music but I can't really talk about it with her because she says I am too into worldly pleasures and that I should be a better christian and do my devotionals every day and listen to christian music. She degrades me and puts me down.She always tells me that I should pray more and love God.The more she says that to me the farther I want to get away from God. Sometimes I feel like crying and I feel like we have nothing in common. I don't know how to fix our relationship. What should I do?
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I am going through this same situation. Draw closer to God. He loves you more than your mother or anyone ever could. And just try to respect your mother and stay out of her way. And maybe try to emotionally detach yourself fomr her yelling. Don't let it upset you too much, just know that if you let it bother you it will seem worse than it actually is. My mom screams and threatens and sometimes get's somewhat violent as well, and although it's difficult, and I fail at it often, I try to just stand there and say 'Yes ma'am" It makes her less angry than if I engage in the arguement.

Convert to Atheism and pretend to like your mom and carry on as you are until you have the means financially to support yourself in the world. Then, move out and get your own place, and ring up your mom and tell her to stick a cork in her butt.