My Mom Never Listens.

I'm 25 years old guy last baby in the family that always stuck with my mom around me because my brother left him and doesn't want to do anything with her anymore, but once in awhile they do talk on phone. I never knew my dad because she never told me anything about him and she said only one thing about him that she doesn't want me to be miserable if he choose not do anything with me. My brother's dad died in car accident and my brother never knew anything about him. My mom told stories to my brother about my dad and my mom told me stories about his dad which is really messed up of her doing that to us. My mom only have two boys. My dad have two girls then had me and my brother's dad only had my brother then he died. 

My mom look at me every time I tell her something and she nods at me. I said to her, are you listening to me? She said, yeah but the next day or moments later, she forgot and act like everything is fine to her. My mom depresses me. My stepdad also depresses me. They always stay at home and do nothing with their lives. They gave me everything what I want but they never do anything for themselves. They work so hard, come home, eat, sleep, and do the same routine. 

We stopped took vacations when I was 14. I came out of closet at 17 as bisexual to my friends and recently, I came out of closet to my parents at 24 and again, at 25 that I'm gay. 

My mom and I butt head all the time. She just don't get me every time what I'm trying to explain or say something to her. I told her that I need to see therapist about my mood swings issues and she said " oh you're fine, you're just having a bad day, this and that " she's looking for excuses to remind me that I'm fine and doesn't have any problems. The more it gets to me I become more bitter, angry, really rage and about to become an *******. Jerk to everybody, doesn't care about life and it's getting worse, worse and worse. My mom didnt even noticed one thing although I put her through hell and to remind her that I'm being for real, but still she's being hard head and think I'm fine. 

I also told her that I might have depression. She said oh come on just because you smoke weed way too much since you was 17 and now, you're sober. Get used to it! I'm trying to choke her neck for not believe my every words. 

What am I going to do with her?! She drive me nuts! I'm ready to give up on her! Although she's my mom and I have to love her for who she is, but the whole time she never make me happy because we hardly talk about things. I have hard time to hide my feelings because that's make me feel like I want to scream, or want to jump on the bridge all just because of HER! Not all because of her, but partly of this because she's my mom and she supposed to listen. She give me everything what I want then shut me up and want me to live up my life without talk to her? What kind of mother she is to me? She drive me crazy! HELPPPP2
May 20, 2012