Mom Was A Hard Person...tender Moments Rare Thanks Mom I Love You...r.i.p.

Tough as nails mean as a snake if looks could kill I'd been long ago.
My mother was a very angry person firey and pissed off usually when she woke up.
Mom didn't drink she was just pissed off at the world.
At nine she shoved me out of the saddle with her right boot's heel from the mount she was on.
Proceeded to cinch down the loose girth upon my horse and demanded I stop crying and get my *** back up on my horse right NOW DAMN IT !
Get yuor *** up off the ground Now !!!!!
Mom proclaimed !
I complied whimpers and all as she handed me the reins.
Boot to stirup thrust grab the saddlehorn swing the right leg over back in the saddle I was.
Mom patiently waiting said;
" Now we'll continue our ride son. "
Away we went she was a hard woman who had lived a hard life of her own choosing.
She gave me life and on rare occasions she reminded me of that fact.

Mom knows/knew life is hard she did stuff to make me strong resilient was the only way she knew.
I love her we rarely got along which is the case with her and everyone..
She called three names as she slipped away into the next life.
My aunt Susan
Mine and my sister Kelly
Born Sharon Lee Hobbs 20 November, 1943
Died 1 July, 2001

I miss ya Mom you have a beautiful grandson R.I. P.
13MrHappy 13MrHappy
51-55, M
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She was probably the kind of tough woman that did her crying in private. I know her well.<br />
I do, indeed, hope you're resting with your heart at peace Sister Sharon.