She Hates Me

i dont get why mom hates me... everyday she tells me that she loves me but i dont beleav her cuz all she does is yell at me and i just cant take it any more and i dont know what to do. She lies to my dad so she gets what she wants and so i get grounded and so i cant talk to my boyfriend. like just the other day she called me a ***** and i dont know what i did to desrve this maybe everyone is right no one wants me and i should just leave everyone alone so nobody has to deal with me cuz my mom deffenatly dont want me... every time i do something she dont like she thretns to send me to job core cuz ig im some horable uncontolable teen that she just cant stand to be around and i dont know what i can do to make her love me again. maybe i should just wait till i move out and move away from her and dont talk to her as much as she would like and maybe just maybe she will realize what she did to me and realize that i hurts to know that your mom hates you.
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3 Responses Sep 16, 2012

oh my god im sorry that is so stupid

It's hurtful I know. My own mother doesn't love me either. She hasn't spoken to me in 20 years.

yeah but the problem with that is she wont listen and my sister is her world so i dont bother im out of here in 3 years so...