My Mom And Her Boyfriend

* So I'm worrying about something....... My mom has a new boyfriend named John and he has told me that he wants to marry her... thing is, is that when ever my mom gets a boyfriend her whole world revolves around him and then she forgets that her kids exist. This happened with an Ex of hers last year and it was pretty upsetting. I didn't feel like I was in her life at all. I guess I like being the star cuz I was her first born so I wanted to be acknowledged a lot, I still do.

* Another issue is that.. in all honesty, I don't want another dad or "father figure" in my life because I have James who is mostly like my dad in more ways then one. More then my birth father Paul or my aunt Tracy's husband Tom.

* I can't say that she can't get married this early cuz me and Matt got engaged like after 1 month of dating, but I think jumping into a "marriage" is kinda quick. Matt and I are waiting about 7 years before we get married so Matt can finish school. " which blows monkey ******* balls, because I already tried ending it with him and that just turned out badly"

Smh... "shakes my head"
Shaunagloden Shaunagloden
18-21, F
Dec 5, 2012