It's not that I don't get along with my mom, it's just that she wants to control every aspect of my life. I'm 25, graduated college, got a job, and now I've found a room mate and am moving out of my parent's house. But my mom is making this move ALL about her. The previous owner of the apartment had a cat. Neither my room mate or I am allergic to cats, but my mom is. Therefore, she's causing a lot of drama and even acting as if she is going to be the one living there.
She's trying to convince me to not take the apartment because she knows she'll be allergic to it unless the carpets are changed (which isn't likely). I love the place, its perfect for me. But my mom is telling me not to move in because SHE is allergic to the place.

She's making me feel as if I'm being selfish by choosing this apartment. It's not like I'm never going to see my mom when I move. The apartment is only 20 minutes from her house. I'm still going to see her often, its just killing her that she won't be able to visit my place for long periods of time.

My first apartment is supposed to be exciting. I should be happy and proud of myself but instead my mom makes it feel like its a bad thing. I just wish she was happy for me and realized my whole world doesn't revolve around her.
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Agree move in, Dont let her manipulate your life. Because you will look back, like i am doing and see that your mom controled a lot of you choice in life because you did not want a fight. So be yourself and move. Have fun. The first apartment is fun and interesting and scaring all at the same time. Good luck.

Don't let her manipulate you...move.

Wow. Move in. Its your life. You are a big girl now and can make big girl decisions. If its perfect, go for it! You said mom doesn't live far away, so you can visit her, Skype, whatever. This is about YOU. enjoy it and have fun.