Nothing Like Her

My mother and I are like chalk and cheese.  We have nothing in common, apart from, liking a couple of the same movies.  she always made Me feel like everything I was and did was wrong and never gave me any support or encouragement. 

Now that I live thousands of miles away from her she is probably telling people I died or something.. oh well.
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We are three sisters. But when anyone asks her how many daughters she has? I heard her reply, "2". I've asked her a lot of times "Do I have a separate mom?" You see my face is almost like my mom( that's a curse). Or else I'd believe I'm not her daughter. Even when the world keep praising me-----------she always comes up with something bad about me and later tell me, "You are nobody" kind of thing. Can't she just tell once, "I'm proud of you" kind of thing. Because all who knows me tell me that all the time. But when I come home and see her ever frustrating face I just want to kill myself or her. Why she is like that? Is she jealous of me?

I know how you feel, I just turned 20 but regardless, She still treats me half that. She isnt supportive all her comments are her view of the worst possible scenario of anything i do, even if she does the same thing, I have a best friend with a kid and she has told me too, that its quite the understanding experience to see through the same eyes AS your mother, through the eyes of a mother. Thats probably one common similarity between parents and children, we grow up in different generations. Different times. In which is why there is still racism and such things in the world because it passed through families as something thats thought to be that way its supposed to be. Main reason me and my mom fight is because she tells me I need to grow up, and then she tries to control me. I will be cooking in the kitchen, and she will take things off the stove when I'm not done, start cleaning mid cooking and say I never clean up after my self; but truth be told, Im never given the chance. she makes the biggest deals out of little things, and isnt supportive of my weight loss goal. Since she tends to not want to buy anything to benefit or help me.. :/ So I feel you.

I know exactly where your coming from. I have never had a good relationship with my parents either. and as well they blame me for most of everything that happens to them. It doesn't help that im an only child heh.

Is your mum as bad? :-(

I think your mom and my mom should be banished to their own country and never allowed to leave again.

Take my mom too.

You'd think that when someone has had an awful upbringing when it was made clear you were unwanted.. ie. sent off to boarding school and not even allowed home at the holidays, they'd want to make a difference with their own kids and make them feel wanted.. not in My case. :-(

Most people i know dont get along with their mums including me !!but it wasnt until i had my own children that i understood her frustrations, it didnt help our relationship with each other any way but it did make me treat my own kids ina different light and i am pleased to say i have a great relaionship with all my children, they are adults now and and i love it when they feel they can talk to me about their problems because i never had that with my own mum.

Thank you! I have never regretted moving away.. My mother pretty much told Me that I am not welcome to return and if I came back, would have to find somewhere else to live. Oh well..

As long as you're happy i guess. That's half the reason i want to live aboard when i'm older. to GET AWAY from my mum! ugh. to end this comment on a happier note, happy birthday for next week! may you have many more experiences to post about.... =>

It kind of works for Me that We are in different countries now. She has called Me twice since I moved here and probably will next week on My birthday.

It kind of works for Me that We are in different countries now. She has called Me twice since I moved here and probably will next week on My birthday.