Am I the only one around here that got screamed at when I don't pick up my phone. For what ever reason, I will be screamed at. But if my mom does it, for whatever reason she is allowed to not pick up. I am sick of this, I am so f*ckin' sick of this injustice. And she's gonna be home any minute, screaming at me and telling me that I'm a piece of **** because I got mad at her for not picking up the phone.
missperiwinkle missperiwinkle
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Ur not the only 1😣

you are not the only one!!!

Because unfortunately parents often live by double standards...especially with daughters.
I've been there.

Ikr!!! That's so unfair, and there she was taking to me about fairness

Me too. I'm the rebel in the family and the outsider as a result.

I don't know how many times I fought with them

I have been fighting with my family my whole life. I was brought up with religion and hypocrisy.