My mom, she never really be supportive towards me. It's always be my other sisters. they always been my mother's favorites. I remember when I was in primary school I got 2A's 3B's for my exam and she asked me what you are going to be with this result? As if I'm damn stupid for her. And when it happen to my older sister my mom become very supportive and said it's okay you can try again...

And when I was in secondary school there was an event where parents need to be there with students to show their support and blessing for their child for their exam. And I clearly remembered I was crying begging my mom to come as all my friend's parents are coming. But my mom don't want to come cause she feel wasting her time to involve with that kind of event. And I end up alone during the event.

And now I have finished my degree in engineering . I follow whatever she say or decide for me. I have a passion to be fashion designer. I always wanted a sewing machine. So I try asked her to buy me one as she gave my older sister a car as graduation gift. But sadly she always make fun of my dream. She always give many excuses for not buying or allow me to buy a sewing machine. She always say she invest too much on me that I shouldn't ask anything from her and yet she's funding my sister's trip to Japan. This is so unfair.

As I always felt unloved and it hurts when my mom never remember my birthday yet she always remember my sister's.
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my mums like that too, she sometimes favours my brother over me. I understand what your going through. I just think that you should stay strong and positive

Thank you for your kind word!

Your welcome x